Reimagining Payments and Rewards

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What is Radpay?

Blockchain-Based Payment Processing

Radpay is a proposed framework for smart contract enforced merchant settlement with associated consumer payment methods. Based on Ethereum, Radpay is a blockchain-based peer-to-peer payment processing and reward framework, where peers may be merchants, consumers, banks, or enterprises.

On Ethereum

Ethereum Plasma projected to blend 1,000x performance boost with Ethereum security and transparency. 1

Radpay Framework

Proposed architecture blends decentralized framework with a robust, standards-based card processing infrastructure.

Reward Points

Patent pending methods of delivering rewards and other crypto underpinned assets.

Oust The Tripartite, Centralized Conglomerate

We believe Radpay allows for the democratization and optimization of the $32 trillion global card payment processing industry.

  • The industry is growing to $55T by 2022, according to market research data.
  • Cash still king in low margin businesses and in developing economies. 2
  • More than 310 billion global card transactions (up 14%) in 2016, notably higher than the 8% increase in card numbers. 3
  • Growth in card is global phenomenon. Growth outside the United States far exceeds mature US market.

Built For The Users, Not The Card Companies

With Radpay, users are in control; the proposed Radpay framework allows anyone to initiate or participate in a financial transaction and trust that the rules of the transaction will be enforced. Radpay will be built for the community, not the oligarchy.

Friendly For Consumers

Designed to work the way consumers use digital payments today.

Functional For Merchants

Radpay intends to avoid the "crypto trap" of forcing merchants to accept cryptocurrency. Insterad, merchants accept currency of their choice, including cryptocurrency.

Fun For Developers

Radpay's proposed payments framework will be open to use by developers, including our crypto underpinned rewards.

Radpay's Founding Team & Advisors

Dana Love

Dana Love, PhD

Jared Stauffer

Jared Stauffer

Alex Mashinsky

Alex Mashinsky

Bill Fisher

William Fisher

Julian Sevillano

News and Updates

FetchRev To Use Radpay To Speed Personalized Marketing Transactions

Posted this week

“What attracted us to Radpay was their lean mindset, which is rare anywhere and unique in the payments industry,” said Brandon Willey, CEO of FetchRev. “FetchRev’s value is in using automated personalized marketing to drive repeat business for our customers. We see Radpay’s unique payments framework as a real benefit to help FetchRev drive traffic to our retail customers nationwide.”

Digital Financial Group of Arizona Chooses Radpay As Gateway Processor, Alternative Payments Provider

Posted last month

Chris Damron, EVP and Partner of DFG of Arizona: “What Radpay offers will add value for every merchant we serve. We see Radpay’s innovative reward point as a real benefit to consumers, which will help drive traffic to the merchants who adopt Radpay. We are excited to be first to offer this exciting new service to our customers, and to the market.”

Radpay Selected by Foresold North America To Deliver Innovative Payment Processing Solution

Posted last month

“Every digital commerce company is looking for a way out from under the payment giants,” said Josh Elizetxe, Chief Executive Officer of Foresold North America. “From what I’ve seen the Radpay team is going to disrupt their market and help Foresold deliver exceptional value to our customers.”

Radpay Appoints Blockchain Expert Alex Mashinsky To Advisory Board, Boosting Cryptocurrency Expertise In Phoenix Startup

Posted two months ago

“As I got to know them, I think Radpay has one of the better teams out there,” said Alex Mashinsky. “The way they’re approaching the problem of a veritable oligarchy controlling the global payments industry and the way Radpay is addressing rewards, they’re capable of solving a big problem and enabling communities to take control of their digital payments.”

Radpay Speaks On Blockchain and Decentralized Payments At Phoenix Startup Office

Posted three months ago

Radpay's co-founder Dana Love spoke to a group of 30 about the technical and economic nexus point between centralized and decentralized frameworks in the global payments space. Love, who holds a doctorate in public policy economics and serves as Radpay's president and CTO, described Radpay's use case across various markets and what he sees as the evolution of payments "out of the hands of the oligarchs who now control it." Radpay is a proposed decentralized global payment processing framework reimagining payments and rewards.

Radpay Speaks On Blockchain and Business At ACA Southwest Regional Meeting

Posted five months ago

Radpay was invited to speak at the Angel Capital Association's Southwest Regional Meeting. Dana Love, president and CTO of Radpay, led an education session on blockchain in front of more than 60 angel investors. While describing Radpay's use case to various markets, Dana touched on a variety of diligence points, technology matters, and business applications to help better inform the investment processes of attendees.

Radpay Founder Appears On Blockchain Weekly

Posted five months ago

Radpay's co-founder Dana Love was featured on the popular podcast Blockchain Weekly. Dana joined 22-year Morgan Stanley veteran Angel Lorente and Dennis Kibbe, resident faculty of MCC's Network Academy, to speak about digital wallets, cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange, and digital asset custody.

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