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What is Radpay?

Radpay is Card Payment Processing for the 21st Century

Small Change, Huge Impact

Increase Your Net Margin

You're sick of high fees and crummy service. Your customers are sick of losing control of their personal information. Your ISO is sick of having nothing new to sell. Everyone is sick of the big banks. But there was no alternative, until now. Meet Radpay.

Depending on your type of business, Radpay can improve your net margin by as much as 200%. We do this with our patent-pending merchant card payment solution. Radpay has more than two dozen inventions which blend blockchain (Ethereum Plasma) with PCI-compliant card payment infrastructure and mobile devices to merge convenience, security, and transparency. 1

Radpay works in both card present and card not present environments, which means retailers, etailers, mobile merchants, call centers, and app developers can all access Radpay's rewards system, transactional engine, and value.

Come meet the future. Radpay.

Grow Where The Customers Go

Reduce Your Cart Abandonment

Today, ecommerce sites see seven in 10 shopping carts abandoned. Radpay has a patent-pending solution which can reduce cart abandonment by 36%. When you replace your current payment processor with Radpay, you gain access to our suite of digital payment inventions which drive more business and more customers to you. Radpay puts merchants and consumers in the driver's seat for the transaction, instead of the big banks.

With easy setup, global payments, mobile-ready checkout, comprehensive security, and unique rewards, Radpay helps you efficiently create a seamless customer experience, on the web, in their hand, or on their wrist.

It Pays To Dream Big

Business Without Borders

We believe Radpay allows for the democratization and optimization of the $32 trillion global card payment processing industry.

That's a big dream. And so we help you dream big, too. We provide your customers with the ability to pay any way they want. All in their native currencies, or with a digital wallet, or in cryptocurrency. And all while earning crypto-fueled reward points which drive them back to your store!

Whether it's online, in-store, or over the phone, Radpay's patent-pending card payment solutions provide you with a wealth of ways to convert new customers and retain existing ones. Across the counter, across town, across the country, or across the planet, Radpay just works.

That's what business without borders means to Radpay.


“What attracted us to Radpay was their lean mindset, which is rare anywhere and unique in the payments industry. We see Radpay’s unique payments framework as a real benefit to help FetchRev drive traffic to our retail customers nationwide.”

Brandon WilleyCEO and founder of Hownd

“Every digital commerce company is looking for a way out from under the payment giants because they neither evolve nor innovate. Radpay does both, and from what I’ve seen the Radpay team is going to disrupt their market and help Foresold deliver exceptional value.”

Josh ElizetxeChief Executive Officer of Foresold NA

“What Radpay offers will add value for every merchant we serve. We see Radpay’s innovative reward point as a real benefit to consumers, which will help drive traffic to the merchants who adopt Radpay. We are excited to be first to offer this exciting new service to our customers, and to the market.”

Chris DamronEVP and Partner of DFG of Arizona

“As I got to know them, I think Radpay has one of the better teams out there. The way they’re approaching the problem of a veritable oligarchy controlling the global payments industry and the way Radpay is addressing rewards, they’re capable of solving a big problem and enabling communities to take control of their payments.”

Alex MashinskyCEO and founder of Celsius

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Radpay's Founding Team & Advisors

Dana Love

Dana Love, PhD

Founder & CEO
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Jared Stauffer

Jared Stauffer

Founder, President, CTO
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Alex Mashinsky

Alex Mashinsky

Chair, Advisory Board
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William Fisher

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Julian Sevillano

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News and Updates

Radpay’s Digital Wallet Now Includes Patent-Pending Fraud Resistance

Radpay today announced a new patent-pending fraud resistance feature of their digital wallet. Using a novel approach to providing a more fraud resistant transaction, Radpay addresses a $33 billion problem plaguing card issuers, transaction acquirers, and merchants. This follows the earlier launch of Radpay’s CryptoClick™ and SpeedPath™ solutions for e-commerce merchants, upscale retailers, and restaurants, and amplifies Radpay’s novel innovations in the development of modernized payment solutions.

“Digital payment solutions need to be more than a smart phone version of your credit and debit cards,” said Radpay’s co-founder and CEO, Dana Love, PhD. “Radpay is working to reimagine payments, and that includes making fraud protection a central element to our payment system and our digital wallet. One way we’re working to help consumers stay safer is through linking our mobile digital wallet with a variety of payment methods, both card present for retailer and card not present for e-commerce merchants.”

October 9, 2019

Radpay’s CryptoClick Is An Innovative New Patent-Pending Blockchain-Based Solution For Ecommerce And Digital Wallets

Radpay today announced the development of CryptoClick™, a revolutionary new patent-pending ecommerce technology. CryptoClick addresses ecommerce shopping cart abandonment, a trillion dollar problem for ecommerce sites. CryptoClick follows the earlier launch of Radpay’s SpeedPath™ solution for upscale retailers and restaurants, and amplifies Radpay’s novel innovations in the development of modernized payment solutions.

“Radpay aims to speed the ability for consumers to make fast, efficient buying choices by removing as much friction as possible from ecommerce transactions,” said Radpay’s co-founder and CEO, Dana Love, PhD. “We’re working to be a top partner to retailers in every area of commerce.”

September 4, 2019

Radpay And Generation Blue Partner To Build An Earth Positive Payment Network Which Protects And Regenerates Keystone Ecosystems With Every Transaction

Radpay today announced their participation in the Generation Blue Earth Positive Pledge. The companies contemporaneously announced a partnership to develop and bring to market an Earth positive blockchain-based payment network which protects and regenerates keystone ecosystems.

“Generation Blue’s vision of a regenerative economy aligns ideally with a core use for Radpay’s patent-pending payment token,” said Radpay’s co-founder and CEO, Dana Love, PhD. “Our novel method for tokenized rewards empowers anyone to invest in the protection of vital ecosystems through funding Natural Capital projects such as the Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park mangrove restoration project in Myanmar.”

August 19, 2019

Radpay Launches Revolutionary New Patent-Pending Technology That Could Redefine Digital Wallet Use

Radpay today announced the development of SpeedPath™, a revolutionary new patent-pending technology that is anticipated to redefine how restaurants and other merchants accept digital wallets.

“Radpay’s recent patent filing titled ‘A Blockchain-based Secure Payment System’ laid out 26 novel claims. SpeedPath is one of those claims,” commented Radpay’s co-founder and CEO, Dana Love, PhD. “SpeedPath fills the void when a consumer wants to use a mobile or wearable wallet in a retail transaction where the register is not in front of the consumer. SpeedPath lets restaurants accept digital wallets without any capital cost or investment on their part, which is a huge win for digital wallets and a real benefit for restaurants.”

August 6, 2019

FetchRev To Use Radpay To Speed Personalized Marketing Transactions

Radpay today announced the addition of Roverr, Inc (dba FetchRev) to Radpay’s growing list of customers. FetchRev has agreed to integrate Radpay’s patent-pending digital payments framework into their solution for both existing and new customers.

“FetchRev is a powerhouse at generating repeat business and increasing foot traffic for retail merchants,” said Radpay’s co-founder and CEO, Dana Love, PhD. “Driving value and delivering lean solutions is also what pushes Radpay to excel.”

March 15, 2019

Digital Financial Group of Arizona Chooses Radpay As Gateway Processor, Alternative Payments Provider

Digital Financial Group of Arizona intends to leverage Radpay’s patent-pending distributed ledger technology payment processing gateway and novel reward points system for the benefit of their customers, anticipates cost savings over traditional card processing offerings.

“DFG has a strong track record of making the complex payments industry straightforward and effective for merchants,” noted Radpay’s co-founder and CEO, Dana Love, PhD. “We are excited to see a company which supports more than 14,000 businesses nationwide sign on to offer Radpay to their customer base.”

February 4, 2019

Radpay Selected By Foresold North America To Deliver Innovative Payment Processing Solution

Leading Arizona consumer brand company intends to leverage Radpay’s patent-pending reward points system for the benefit of their customers, anticipates cost savings over traditional e-commerce card processing schemes.

“Foresold both delivers and demands excellence in customer service and innovation,” noted Radpay’s co-founder and president, Jared Stauffer. “Radpay’s payments framework fits brilliantly with Foresold’s business needs.”

January 15, 2019

Radpay Founders Speak At Blockchain 48 Conference

Radpay's two founders spoke today at the Blockchain 48 conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Jared Stauffer spoke about reinventing digital payments and e-rewards, while Dana sat on a panel discussing the current hype around blockchain.

During his talk, Radpay's co-founder Jared Stauffer said “Blockchain is as important a technology to finance as the web is to commerce. Radpay uses blockchain as a central component to our solution.” Radpay’s CEO and co-founder, Dana Love, PhD, observed in his panel that “hype in blockchain is low compared to potential, though there are many community participants with limited ability and drive to realize that potential.”

November 19, 2018

Radpay Appoints Blockchain Expert Alex Mashinsky To Advisory Board, Boosting Cryptocurrency Expertise In Phoenix Startup

Celsius Network CEO to serve as chairman of Radpay’s advisory board, adding blockchain skill to rich bench of payments experience.

“This is the second industry where Alex and I have worked collaboratively to disrupt the status quo,” noted Radpay’s CEO and co-founder, Dana Love, PhD. “It’s exciting to sit again at the table with Alex, to have him join Bill and Julian on our advisory board, and to take aim at the $32 trillion global payments industry.”

October 30, 2018

Radpay Founder Dana Love Appears On Blockchain Weekly

Radpay's co-founder Dana Love was featured on the popular podcast Blockchain Weekly. Dana joined 22-year Morgan Stanley veteran Angel Lorente and Dennis Kibbe, resident faculty of MCC's Network Academy, to speak about digital wallets, cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange, and digital asset custody.

Appearing on Blockchain Weekly, Dana said: “A free market, an unregulated market, especially in today's society where we can have cross-border conversations, is tremendously important. It's one of the things Radpay does - offers simple, effective, fast cross-border payments.”

October 10, 2018

Radpay's Dana Love Speaks On Blockchain and Business At ACA Southwest Regional Meeting

Radpay spoke today at the Angel Capital Association's Southwest Regional Meeting. Dana Love, co-founder and CEO of Radpay, led an education session on blockchain in front of more than 60 angel investors. While describing Radpay's use case to various markets, Dana touched on a variety of diligence points, technology matters, and business applications to help better inform the investment processes of attendees.

“For financial and supply-chain applications, distributed ledger (blockchain) is a game-changer,” noted Radpay’s CEO and co-founder, Dana Love, PhD. “Take the $32 trillion global payments industry Radpay seeks to disrupt as an example. Blockchain will be as disruptive as the web was to commerce and mobile phones were to communication.”

October 9, 2018

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