Redefining Giving, Building A Regenerative Economy

An Earth-Positive Payment Network

Imagine a marketplace where every act of consumption triggers a greater act of regeneration. A global community healing the planet using commerce. An economy built on reducing carbon.

That's what Radpay and Generation Blue imagined. And now we're building it. That's a regenerative economy.

A blockchain-based, Earth-positive payment network where every transaction funds a natural capital project. Join us. Reward The Planetâ„¢.

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Become An Eco-Hero

Radpay's patent-pending blockchain-based tokenized reward system lets you be an Eco-Hero by gifting your rewards toward natural capital projects.

Imagine a mangrove tree being planted every time you buy coffee, book a plane trip, or pay for gas. Every act of commerce linked to an act of regeneration.
That's our goal.

Because that's what eco-heroes do. Join us.
Help us Reward The Planet.

Learn How To Reward The Planet

Where Do We Go From Here?

Radpay is a Phoenix-based startup changing the $32 trillion global card payment processing industry. Radpay does this with a patent-pending merchant card payment solution: more than two dozen inventions which blend distributed ledger technology with PCI-compliant card payment infrastructure and mobile devices to merge convenience, security, and transparency. Based on Ethereum, Radpay is a blockchain-based peer-to-peer payment processing and reward framework, where peers may be merchants, consumers, banks, or enterprises.

Over the rest of 2019, Radpay will introduce more than a dozen innovations in the merchant card payment market. For card present and card not present environments, and for app developers and integrators, Radpay makes it easy to access and benefit from Radpay's rewards system, transactional engine, and value.

So stay tuned!

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